Billybandit boys are rocketed into outer space, as little astronauts explore the galaxy in space ships and flying saucers. Nocturnal shades of navy and black are punctuated with electric blue, anthracite and bursts of orange. Channel a real-life astronaut in a navy satin bomber that could be plucked straight from NASA. Team with a grey chambray shirt with a celestial print and bright blue trousers for a fashion forward everyday look. Jersey tees combine cartoon graphics with photographic prints, adding a dose of signature Billybandit humor.

As the season progresses, an autumnal color palette of deep green and sandy yellow brings little explorers back down to earth. Journeying back through time, they will discover all manner of creatures, from the biggest dinosaurs to the smallest creepy crawlies. Graphics are bold and fearless: a striped tee with a giant beetle print is only for the bravest of boys, while a pterodactyl riding a skateboard will tickle those with a sense of humor. A forest green parka with a shearling hood will keep them warm on their adventures.

With the arrival of winter, head back up – to the mountain peaks this time, with a wardrobe that celebrates the glory of winter sports. Bold team colors of red, white and blue are softened with wintery flecked grey. Mountain-scapes and ice hockey battles are printed on signature Billybandit sweatshirts, while the notorious yeti adds a comic touch to a jersey tee. Even superheroes can’t resist taking the plunge on the luge. Materials are key this season, with softer fleece and cosier knitwear. The classic puffer jacket is re-worked in vibrant blue with sporty stripes and a shearling-lined hood for added warmth.

For special occasions, expect all the essential elements, with new season twists. A classic striped shirt is covered in insects ready to fly right off the fabric, and silkscreen print tees feature dinosaurs donning their finest fashion too. Materials are richer, with the suit of the season made from opulent navy velvet with satin lapels. Matching velvet sneakers complete the look, but a whimsical embroidered cartoon dinosaur keeps it feeling fresh, young and brilliantly Billy.